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Burning is proper way to dispose flag

June 14, 2006

Albany --

Red, white, and blue proudly flew at Veteran's Memorial Park for a unique flag day ceremony in Albany.

Old, wornout American flags were dipped in kerosene and burned as a proper and respectful way to retire them. Fifteen year-old Eagle Scout Drake Colvin put together the ceremony as part of a leadership project with his troop.

He wanted to share with the community, especially younger scouts, the importance of our flag. "I was about eight-years-old. I went to Camp Osborn, and they had a flag retirement ceremony there and I was really influenced by it. So I wanted to have my own, and we're here doing it today," said Drake Colvin.

The US flag is the fourth oldest flag in the world and was adopted this day in 1777. The only changes since then, the number of stars as the number of states increased.

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