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A Two-Way Threat

June 14, 2006

Albany -- A new offensive threat has appeared for the Wildcats the past three weeks, with defensive specialist Blake Saunders now spending time on both sides of the ball.

Saunders the second-leading receiver for South Georgia in their last game, and becoming a two-way standout can be very beneficial.

The South Georgia Wildcats offense finding a new target the past three weeks, with Blake Saunders moving from defensive specialist to a two-way threat.

The rookie from Delaware State second on the team last week with five catches for 73 yards, and Saunders says he's enjoying the extra work.

"I like it," says Saunders. "I get to stay on the field most of the game."

Head coach Donnie Davis says, "When he catches the ball he makes things happen. We're putting things in the cards to get him the ball more and more now."

Saunders is second on the team in tackles, and tied for first in interceptions, and says playing both ways gives him an advantage.

"When I'm on defense, I understand the philosophy of a receiver. What he's trying to do. How he's trying to set me up. Then when I'm on offense I have the mindset of how a DB might think: 'Ok, they may want to jump the route, so I'll give them this type of move.' It definitely has it's pro's."

He didn't play much offense the first seven weeks of the season, and coach Davis says the change was brought about by Saunders "team-first" attitude.

"It just kind of evolved that way," says Davis. "He was one of those guys that said let me do what I need to do to help the team out. He's not only said that but proved it by his actions on the field in practice and in the games."

Saunders adds, "What ever I can do to help the team or make myself better, I'm all about it."

And Saunders is already prepared for his first offensive touchdown.

"If I score, I'm gonna Harlem Shake."

The Wildcats host Green Bay this Saturday at seven-thirty.

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