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Thanks for the rain, Alberto!

"Hurricane" was mostly bluff and bluster

June 13, 2006

South Georgia -- Luckily for south Georgians, the storm with such a familiar name brought mostly wind and rain.

Tropical storm Alberto moved through Florida and is now headed up the east coast through Georgia and the Carolinas.

The storm dumped heavy rain across the northern gulf coast of Florida. Some low-lying areas flooded, and tens of thousands of homes and businesses were left without power.

Alberto's winds never reached hurricane strength. Water was the most dangerous of Alberto's weapons. Driving rains and a storm surge pushed by a pounding surf left many low-lying areas under water.

Our counties to the east and south got felt most of the effects of Alberto. South Georgia has received about five inches of rain from tropical storm Alberto.

Although much calmer than initially forecasted, the storm has canceled flights at Valdosta Regional Airport and a small tornado in Lanier County. No one was injured but the tornado did tear down several trees on 221 North. No other serious accidents or major flooding has been reported.

The Lowndes County Board of Commissioners attributes this to the community.

"They learned a lot from hurricane season of 2004," said public information officer Paige Dukes. "They know to listen to the local media and listen to emergency management and follow directions very well. So I think they are absolutely due all the credit for the success we've had so far with Alberto."

The storm will continue through south Georgia tonight and could bring more heavy rain and gust up to 45 miles per hour.

Tifton received about half an inch of rain today. There were only light winds, with minimal gusts. No severe weather passed through Tift County. Steady rainfall had storm drains working overtime to get rid of water covering the streets. No roads have been closed from the rainfall and there are no reports of damage.

Dougherty county got a small amount of rain and wind from Alberto but no damage. Albany and Dougherty county got light rain for several hours but very little wind because of the tropical storm.

County public works officials say they have had no reports of any damage. No limbs or trees down or power outages.

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