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Rains threaten Cairo Road repairs

June 13, 2006

Thomas Co.-  Repairs on Cairo Road in Thomas County shifted into high gear Tuesday morning.  The road was damaged when a culvert collapsed last month.  With the threat of heavy rain from Tropical Storm Alberto, public works crews were out early Tuesday morning. 

Heavy downpours weren't going to stop Thomas County Public Works crews, who've come too far on the emergency repairs to Cairo Road to turn back now.

"No ma'am, we can't stop now, we got started we got to continue right on," said Buddy Osborne, Thomas Co. Construction Superintendent.

With the possibility of two inches of rain looming crews worked feverishly.

"It could wash the whole culvert out, if we have a lot of rain in here, we could loose the whole culvert," said Osborne.

Waters from the Boy Scout Lake nearly caused the road to collapse three weeks ago.

"There was erosion up under the bottom of the road and it could cause a road failure on the culvert," said Osborne.

Over the last three weeks crews have been pumping concrete in those voids. They needed to add another 50 yards of concrete Tuesaday before the rain does any more damage.

"Once we get this concrete poured under the culvert today, we'll have it all sealed off," said Osborne.

If Tuesday's work isn't undone, the project will have cost the County around $9,000, but if the roadway is washed away that cheaper repair bill will go with it and costs could escalate to $250,000. 

The concrete poured Tuesday will take 24 hours to set.  Crews hope the highly traveled roadway can be opened Friday.

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