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Alberto not a welcome name

 June 12, 2006

Albany-- The name Alberto brings back bad memories for many south Georgians. It took years for south Georgia to recover from 1994's Tropical Storm Alberto.  The memories have come flooding back for many South Georgians with just the mention of a name.      

Slight wind blowing chimes in the air reminds Bob Fowler of home sweet home.

"Been out here 40, 50 years now," says Fowler.

For Fowler, home is where the shady trees and the quiet waters of the Kinchafoonee are. "Just so peaceful out here," says Fowler. But that peace was disturbed quite drastically back in 1994.

"It sure was. We really didn't expect that," says Fowler.

Unexpected water, about five feet, came rushing into the yard and into their home on Lover's Lane Road. "We ran home just in time to get our cars out of here and that was all we salvaged. We didn't get anything," says Fowler.

No time to gather clothing, medicine or even the smallest box of memories. "It was really an experience to go through," says Fowler. It's an experience that brought him home by boat during those memorable times, a time he wouldn't want to relive.

"Amen, and yet one of the problems was that we were all in the same boat out here and we couldn't help each other," says Fowler. He can't help but think of those times when he hears the infamous name Alberto once again.

"I think about flood. Alberto and flood go right together as far as I'm concerned," says Fowler.

But through it all, he's not very concerned. "It doesn't worry me. There's no need to worry about something you can't do anything about," says Fowler. And he won't leave his five-decades worth of peace by the water.

"Oh yeah, I'm not gonna move," says Fowler,  "the chances of that kind of storm hitting us the way it hit us is so removed, it's no need for us to worry all our life about that. We'll just handle it and take it when it comes."

A price he's willing to pay for home but he'll always remember the storm that nearly took it all away.  

Fowler doesn't just remember the bad things that happened during the flood of 94. He remembers seeing amazing and good things during that time.  He says he was touched at the way many South Georgians pulled together to get through such a tough time.


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