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Air Conditioner service in high demand

June 12, 2006

Lee County  ---  Near triple-digit temperatures are putting a strain on air conditioning units. And air conditioning repairmen are scrambling to keep them working. 

South Georgia air conditioners are running constantly.  SafeAire Service Technician Mike McDill said "we are in a busy time right now." And service technicians are working overtime.  McDill said "Everybody is working until close to dark evening time."

 SafeAire, like most service companies, says the heat the last couple of weeks has pushed South Georgia air conditioners past the breaking point. SafeAire Division Manager Clay Carr said "Business is extremely busy. Our technicians are running as hard as they have run all year."

And when your air conditioner is down, technicians like Mike McDill are appreciated. McDill said "Usually they are happy to see us come."

This air conditioner motor burned out a bearing, leaving the owner hot. McDill said "She said it was over 90º in her home. With small children that's not comfortable."

But because of the volume of calls, most people are having to wait. Carr said "Generally right now, they are about a day out. You are looking at overnight."

While he works in the sun, McDill says he enjoys getting people cooled off. McDill said "they may not always like to write the check, but they like the cold air coming out of the vents."

McDill says the best idea is to have your air conditioning unit serviced once a year, to make sure you don't have a break down, and have to spend a couple of hot days waiting on a service call.

The federal government established a new higher standard of efficiency on new air conditioning units in January, called the S.E.E.R. rating. But Clay Carr says manufacturers have been slow producing enough new units, and there is a shortage of them.


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