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A car wash with no water

June 11, 2006

Albany - - An Albany businessman has a new techinque for washing cars....and it doesn't even involve water. 

Tyrone Hines is introducing a new carwash concept to the area that only involves spraying a substance and buffing it onto a car.

The mixture contains both car cleaning materials as well as wax, so you don't have to wash the car as often. He says it's simply a good way to conserve water.  

"When other places wash cars, they mix all the chemicals into the water and we all know when the water goes down the drain, it goes right back into the sewage and they got to do what they got to do to make it fresh again, but they have water pollution and all of that," Hines says. 

You also don't have to drive to a location to get your car cleaned this way, representatives from the company come to you.

To learn more about this technique, you can log on to www.waterless-wash.com or contact Hynes at (229) 291-1687.

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