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Donalsonville native killed serving in Iraq

June 11, 2006

Donalsonville -- One of South Georgia's own was killed in action serving in Iraq. US Navy Medical Corpsman Zachary Alday was on patrol with Marines when the humvee he was riding in set off a land mine. Twenty-two year-old Alday was a Donalsonville native stationed in Twenty-nine Palms, California.

It was 18 months ago when Navy Medical Corpsman Zachary Alday started out on his mission. It was one in which he saved lives as a medic, and one in which he served his country and loved ones proudly.

"Zack was a good boy, a good boy, and I'm glad he got to serve his country and I wish he was here with us today," said Alday's cousin Donnie Ray Miller.

Zack would joke around with older sister Mandy Barber. She was looking forward to raising her sons with Zack as he raised his one-year-old daughter Karmyn.

"Since he had his daughter we would just love having them together and we talked about how they were alike and how they were different," said sister Mandy Barber.

The Navy seaman would go fishing with cousin Joel Alday, who says Zack's service is something he's very proud of.

"It takes a lot of courage and bravery to fight in a war like that, when he entered the Navy the war was already going on, and he knew he'd probably be placed in this situation, and that took a lot of courage," said Joel.

Now that Zack's courageous mission on Earth is complete, the family has faith they will see him again one day.

"I know he's in heaven right now, with my grandmother, my grandfather, they're looking down on us today I can't wait for the opportunity," said Joel Alday.

It's an opportunity family members will continue to hold on to, along with the memories that death can't take away.

Zachary Alday was scheduled to be back in the states in September. His family was notified of his death on Friday.

Funeral arrangements are not finalized. Evans-Skipper Funeral Home in Donalsonville is handling the service.


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