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Very first storm of season is developing

June 10, 2006

Albany -- It's here. Just ten days into Hurricane season, Tropical Depression number one has formed in the caribbean. If it develops into a Tropical Storm, it will receive an all too familiar name for South Georgians, Tropical Storm Alberto.

Nine days after the official kick-off of Hurricane season, still seems too soon. Last year's record breaking season was the busiest and most destructive in history.

But it was a tropical storm that most devastated South Georgia back in 1994. Tropical Storm Alberto was also the first storm of the 1994 Atlantic hurricane season. It hit Florida across the Southeast United States in July, causing a massive flooding disaster while stalling over Georgia.

In just 24 hours, Tropical Storm Alberto dumped 24 inches of rain on Americus. The resulting flash flooding was the most deadly of the Flood of 94. It killed 15 people in one night, 30 people were killed in all.

Homes and streets were flooded and destroyed. Tropical depression number one is currently under the threshold for a tropical storm, but if it reaches 39 miles per hour, it's name will be, you guessed it, Alberto.


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