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Movie theatre helps charity

June 10, 2006

Albany - - Without groups like the Children's Miracle Network, many children in need of medical help wouldn't have a place to go.

Albany's Wynnsong/Carmike Theatre realizes that. So they spent the day transforming the movie theatre into a night of charity and fun.

A trip to the movie theatre this Saturday isn't your normal visit here. There's music, video games, and a car show.

"Thats one of the major things that lets everybody come in here have a good time because they know they can come in have fun and it helps someone who needs it," says Peter Evans, General Manager of the movie theatre.

Donations received at the theatre today will be given directly to the Children's Miracle Network. Richard Stern just came to see a movie, but when he got here, he donated a hundred dollars on the spot.

"I support anything that children's involved in because I believe if you take care of the children then the future's taken care of."

Helping the children's network is something the theatre is used to.

"They've done this for many years where they put the buckets out and just received donations, but we tried to step it up a little its been expanded from just a simple donation to a full event where everybody can get a little benefit out of it as well," Evans says.

When the donation cup came to Sharon Walter's table she gladly gave. She says the event knocks out two birds with one stone.

"Watch a good movie and the money goes to a good cause."

The theatre raised hundreds of dollars from today's fundraiser.  Last week, WALB co-sponsored a telethon with the Children's Miracle Network. That event brought in $260,000 dollars.


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