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Moody conducts readiness exercises

June 8, 2006
By Alicia Eakin

Valdosta - New airmen arrive at Moody Air Force Base each week. And readiness exercises like the one beginning this week ensure they are prepared for their war-time duties.

The 347th Rescue Wing began Phase One of its operational readiness exercises. The drills test the airmen's abilities to prepare for an unforeseen deployment. Master Sergeant Peter Solberg has planned this test for three months.

"We meet with everyone on base, experts from all the different functional areas, they give us what they want to test, we develop scenarios together, then we do the war game and see how it goes," Solberg says.

 Phase One of the exercise will test the airmen's skills in packing equipment, personnel, and gear into their appropriate aircraft. This will give their commanders an opportunity to correct any mistakes and work on areas that need improvement.

 The deployment center is the hub of any activity that may happen if these squadrons are actually deployed. Today, its the staging area for Phase One of the exercise operations.

The exercises will involve many war-time vehicles, alarms, and smoke bangs...a device that simulates the noise and smoke of a bomb. Moody officials want to warn anyone in the area that these activities are only drills and should not cause any concern.

"There's a beehive of activity constantly going on with this exercise so be cognizant of that and watch out for anything going on abnormal, but don't panic, it's all part of the exercise plan. Everyone here knows what they're doing and they do it well," said Major James Ripple, Chief of Inspections.

Phase One of the exercises will end tomorrow and Phase Two will begin next week. The second phase will test their ability to unload cargo and set up equipment in a war-time environment.


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