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Man released from prison, hours later arrested for murder

June 7, 2006

Cordele - A South Georgia parolee is back in jail charged with murdering an innocent man he didn't even know just hours after he got out of prison.  Eddie C. Boyd was released from prison around lunchtime Tuesday after serving a nine year stint for possession of cocaine. He was supposed to report to his parole officer, but he never made it. Police say he immediately began violently breaking the law.

Eddie Boyd is what law enforcers refer to as a recidivist, a repeat offender. He has a long wrap, and has served several stints in prison since 1975, convicted of forgery, burglary, armed robbery and cocaine possession. He was sentenced to 15 years in prison, but was paroled yesterday after undergoing an in-prison treatment program.

Business is back at Cordele Sash and Door, but certainly not back to normal. 53-year old Mike Morgan, a 22 year veteran of the company was stabbed. His attacker left him there bleeding to death.

Carrie Lull with Cordele Police says, "We were able to get some information at the scene, that we were able to back track his movements which led us to the Greyhound bus station and with their help we were able to identify who he was, who we were looking for."

They say 48-year old Eddie C. Boyd of Americus is responsible for the crime. On Tuesday, Boyd was released from prison, and was bused to this Greyhound station in Cordele where he was supposed to meet up with family members who would take him to the parole office in Americus. Officers say that never happened.  Instead, investigators say just as soon as Boyd walked off the bus from prison he would begin breaking the law again coming here to this store where he would attempt robbery, then stab Mike Morgan. By the time help arrived from the Police Department located just across the street, it would be too late.

Scheree Lipscomb, Public Affairs Director for the Board of Pardons and Paroles, says the stabbing is not a result of the Board's actions, but of Boyd's.  She says, "We never want to release someone with the thought that they could go out and commit any type of crime, least this type of crime.  You do have people that come out and they change their lives and that's what we're hoping to do."

But instead, a life was ended, and Boyd, is yet again, back behind bars. He was caught just two blocks away from the scene of the crime and has been charged with the murder of Mike Morgan.

Boyd did have some disciplinary reports while he was in prison for insubordination, unauthorized presence, and failure to follow instructions but none for violent behavior.

A fund has been set up at PlantersFirst bank in memory of Mike Morgan.


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