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Lee Co. sixth graders tops in math

June 7, 2006

Lee County-  Seventy-five thousand Georgia students failed their Criterion Referenced Competency tests sending many students to summer school.  In Lee County this year, more students passed the test than last year and one grade's math scores were among the top scores in the state.

Lee County eighth graders are in the classroom instead of outside, reviewing what they've learned this year to retake their Criterion Referenced Competency tests. Students must pass to be promoted to the next grade.

"We're just going over different things that were on the test, just reviewing and getting ready to take it again," said Andrea Hayslip, 8th grader.

Statewide 28,000 failed math and 13,500 failed English sending many to summer school, but some Lee County students did well. Sixth grade math scores were among the top ten districts out of 181 statewide. Teachers reworked lessons to better reflect what students needed to learn.

"They documented 50 plus extra hours, that's not the ones that they actually did on their own to create units and lessons that would be in line with these standards," said  Gail Melvin, Lee Co. Middle School Principal.

The students success has earned those teachers a trip to Atlanta to share their knowledge.

"What did we do, what did we think we did differently that made our students have this success, so that's what we're going to share with them is what we did all year and it was a year long process," said Melvin.

The process continues for eighth graders who will take the test again at the end of the month.

"It's helping out a lot so far," said Andrea.

In hopes that they can advance to the ninth grade.  If students don't pass the second time, they must meet with a committee which will include their parents and the principal to decide whether it's in the student's best interest to advance or repeat the grade.

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