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Victim points out robbers

 June 7, 2006
by Alicia Eakin

Valdosta -- A victim in an armed robbery helped police find the men who robbed him.   Dr. Mark Corbitt and two other people were robbed at gunpoint as they were leaving a Coldwell Banker in Valdosta police say that Clayton Funderburke and David Parrott took their wallets and valuables before fleeing on foot.  

"What happened afterwards was, we think as a big credit to our victims," said Captain Brian Childress of the Valdosta Police Department. "Two of the victims stood by the crime scene and waited for the Valdosta Police to arrive. One of the victims actually got in his vehicle, circled the area and over on Fieldcrest Drive which is near the crime scene, spotted a 1991 Ford Explorer parked beside the road, thought that was unusual and wrote down the tag numbers."

Those tag numbers led the police to the suspects' apartment where they found the gun used for the robbery and the victims' personal item. Both men are charged with armed robbery and Parrott is also being charged with possession of a fire arm in the commission of a crime. Police say more charges may be pending.


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