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Some citizens not thrilled about new establishment

June 6, 2006 

Albany-- Albany city leaders say a new restaurant will stay put despite objections from people who live or go to church nearby.

Those folks say Boxers Two Restaurant and Lounge on Dawson Road is too close to Porterfield United Methodist Church and it shouldn't have been given an alcohol license. The church also operates a pre-school, though it wasn't registered as a school with the city.

Albany City Manager Alfred Lott says the city marshal followed proper procedures when he measured the distance between Porterfield and Boxers before the license was granted.  

"During the times that this nightclub is operating, we'll have youth activities and again this isn't a school, youth activities in a church, yet it's just across a parking lot," says Roger Marietta.

"We're certain that the marshal took all of that into consideration, paced the distance off accordingly and as a result of that we issued a license to Boxers," says Lott.  

Lott says he will talk to the city attorney and the marshal. They'll review the process but he says Boxer's will keep its alcohol license.  


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