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Citizens question bonus

June 6, 2006 

Lee County-- Citizens have questions about how Lee County Commissioners are spending tax money. Critics say they shouldn't have given extra money to a county worker who didn't stick around.

Assistant County Administrator Pamela Thompson served as Interim County Administrator for six months. The county paid her an extra $10,000 in April. Then in May, she turned in her resignation with no explanation of why or where she was going.

Some taxpayers say the bonus was a waste. Commission Chairman Jackie Sizemore says it wasn't a bonus but a supplement for taking on extra duties.  

"I believe the award, this whatever you want to call it, change in her pay, bonus whatever this might be, I feel that it was done in an illegal manner," said citizen Nancy Harper to commissioners.

"She worked in that position for five months and the board felt it necessary to supplement her pay for that and the money was already allocated, it was shifted," says Sizemore.  

Sizemore says the money was simply shifted from what the county was paying the former administrator. He admits he isn't happy with the way Thompson left. Her last day was set as May 31st but she left about a week early.  


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