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Call in tips, solve crime and get paid for it

June 6, 2006

Albany - Albany police are reviving a program that's proven to help track down criminals. The Crimestoppers program was halted a few years back but Chief James Younger plans to restart the call center by July.  

A person can call the hotline and give an anonymous tip about a crime. If that tips leads to the arrest of a suspect, the caller gets a reward of up to $1,000. Chief Younger says there's still about $8,000 in the reward bank -- money that was raised by citizens of Albany.

"Crimestoppers is program that is citizens run and funded. Citizens raise funds for it. Citizens actually review the cases to determine the significance of the information, and they make a determination as to how much should be rewarded," said Chief James Younger, APD.

When the Crimestoppers hotline opens in July, the phone number will be 229-436-8477.



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