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Power outage in downtown Albany

June 5, 2006

Albany -- A large part of downtown Albany was hit by a power outage Monday morning for about 45 minutes.

 About 8:30 a squirrel got into the equipment at the Georgia Power sub-station on Haley Street. A resulting electrical short destroyed a transfer switch.

The power load was transferred to other stations, but it took about 45 minutes for the lights to come back on for most customers.

Water Gas and Light spokespeople say the outage affected mostly businesses in Downtown, and on Slappey Boulevard, Pine Avenue, and West Ogelthorpe.

The power outage knocked out traffic lights in the area and led to several minor crashes during rush hour traffic. Witnesses say many drivers did not know what to do when approaching an intersection where the traffic light was out.

 Georgia State Troopers say when the lights are not working at an intersection, treat it just like you would a four-way stop.Trooper Jamie Sullivan said "You should stop. Everybody should come to a complete stop. And the vehicle to your right should have the right of way. "

Sullivan says all drivers should use caution when going through an intersection when a power outage knocks out the traffic light, and slow down. No injuries were reported in Monday morning's crashes.

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