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Welcome home luncheon for 48th Brigade

June 5, 2006

Albany -  When the 48th Brigade was called up to go to Iraq in 2004, about 80 of them were enrolled in classes in Technical Colleges in South  Georgia.

Today, they and their comrades were honored at a luncheon at Albany Technical College.

The soldiers, who've been home a month, say they've gotten overwhelming support since returning home. They say rarely a day goes by that someone doesn't thank them for their service.

Captain Thomas Bennett said, "There was a lot that went on. We lost some people, and that was very hard to deal with. Still hard to deal for a lot of us. But we are glad to be back."

Sgt. Bobby Carver said "A lot of people will walk up and say I appreciate what you do, and thank you very much for what you did. Throughout town we'll be at restaurants eating lunch, and people walk up, and sometimes folks even pay for it for us."

Sgt. Carver said "Especially what we went through over there. All everybody talked about was can't wait to get back to go to school."

Sgt. Frederick Gilyard said "It's a proud feeling. Something like I've never experienced before."

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