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Thomasville kids learn the value of safety

June 5, 2006

Thomasville-  A lesson in safety could protect some Thomasville kids for the rest of their lives. The Thomasville Police Department's Safe-T-Ville program started today and will teach kids a variety of safety information from how to call 911 to bike safety.

Thomasville's five to seven year olds spent this morning learning the different signs they'll run across along city streets.

"Well, blue signs give you information," said Chad Thomas, Safe-T-Ville Student.

This Safe-T-Ville class gives children a head start to being a safe and productive citizen.

"How to be safe on the street, pedestrian safety, traffic safety, bicycle safety," said Rachelle Denmark, Thomasville Police Department.

Students can then put that knowledge to the test here in the village where they can practice what they've learned. It makes safety a top priority as kids venture out this summer, helmets are a must for riding.

"Cause if you fall off you might bump your head and if you didn't have a helmet you might break it open and have to go the hospital," said Thomas.

"A lot of parents come to us and tell us they're kids who are age five to seven are telling them how to drive and what the signs mean and when they mess up they're very much being told so," said Denmark.

"To stop at the stop signs and do not enter at the do not enter signs and follow the arrows," said Chad.

Street safety along with stranger dangers and internet safety tips.....

"So we're making them aware of what can happen on the computer and also when they're out at the parks or out on the city streets and how to get away from that situation quickly," said Denmark.

...will hopefully give these students a jump start to keep them safe as children and built better habits that will stay with them as adults.

"I think it will keep me safe," said Chad.

Safe-T-Ville will run in two sessions for the next two weeks at the Balfour School in Thomasville.



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