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Work continues on TV tower

June 5, 2006

Doerun - There are still big concerns  that WFXL-TV's tower that was hit by a military helicopter Thursday could fall.

The tower in Doerun is just 150 feet from WALB-TV's main tower and if it crumbles, our tower could be damaged or brought down, too.

Raycom Media, which is the parent company of WALB and WFXL, has a team of engineers on scene deciding what the next step should be.

As Raycom's crew works to secure the tower, Army investigators remain on the scene of the deadly chopper crash.

The Army isn't saying anything about what may have caused the Chinook helicopter to crash into the one-thousand foot tower Thursday.

Four crew members were killed and one injured.

People in the small city of Doerun say the crash sent their normally quiet town into a frenzy.

Chad Calloway says, "It's definitely put Doerun on the map."

Five days after the crash, people are still talking and speculating about what happened.

"It's been mostly talking about the crash and wondering how the families are doing," said Jermaine Ward.

"I guess people will talk about it for a while because nothing like that ever happens around here," said Calloway.

As townspeople talk, the military continues to investigate the crash site but won't say anything about a possible cause of the accident.

Below the leaning tower, Raycom engineers and executives are also working feverishly to decide what to do with the jeopardized structure.

An emergency Channel 31 transmitter and antenna were installed at WALB's Albany studio on Stuart Avenue.

That transmitter should allow people without cable to see WFXL again, but some customers we talked to in Doerun today still aren't getting the FOX channel.

Raycom also purchased an emergency transmitter for WALB in case our tower in Doerun is damaged.

Crews are installing that now.

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