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Beware of VIN theft

June 2, 2006

Albany--Thieves have found a new way to steal your car or truck.

All it takes is access to your car or truck's vehicle identification number. Thieves can get the number just by peering through the windshield of your vehicle. They then write the  number down and take it to the dealership and request a duplicate key.

While some dealerships may copy the key using just the VIN, most dealerships require additional information.

"You want to look at their driver's license and registration on the vehicle, unless it's a repossession company, then you get notice of repossession then you'll make them with those," says Bill Chaffin, the general manager with the Lincoln-Mercury dealership in Albany.

By law you can't remove the VIN from your vehicle, but experts suggest hiding the number by placing tape over it.


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