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Victim puts up large reward for purse snatcher

June 2, 2006

Albany -- Wednesday we told you about a purse snatcher in Albany.  Now Police have surveillance video of her in action in four South Georgia counties.  

The woman is caught on tape stealing purses from people in stores in Dougherty, Lee, Tift, and Thomas Counties.   Now one of her victims vows is offering a one thousand dollar reward.

Surveillance video shows this woman walks out of the Thomasville Publix supermarket Wednesday morning. What you see in her hand is a purse that belongs to an 87-year old woman. It was lifted from the woman's shopping cart while her back was turned.

Dorene Parker is one of her victims, too. Her purse was stolen while she shopped at an Albany Harvey's. Dorene Parker said "she takes so many things that are personal to you. Car keys, your cell phone, credit cards. Personal items, pictures of your children or grandchildren, things that you don't want people to have."

The woman used Parker's credit cards three minutes after leaving the store. The Parker's, who own Parker Security, are determined to catch her. Lamar Parker said "She is a professional. We are not sure that she doesn't have someone working with her as well."

Investigators have tied this woman to at least five purse snatchings at the Walmart in Lee County, and one theft at a Tifton Grocery Store. She's in her early 20-s, with blond hair. And she's someone you should watch out for. Thomasville Police Assitant Commander Melvin Johnson said "While you are shopping, be real careful and be aware of your surroundings. And be careful about your purses, especially leaving them in your shopping carts."  

 If you have to carry your purse to grocery shop, tie it down with the child straps in the buggy.  If you have any information, you can contact Police or Sheriff's in Lee, Dougherty, Tift, or Thomas Counties.


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