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Police say entering auto thefts skyrocketing

June 2, 2006

Albany -- Car break-in thefts skyrocketed in Albany in May. And there's a correlatin between the crime increase and the end of school.

105 car breakins were reported in May, and police say there might have been a lot more than weren't reported.  

A majority of those thefts were in cars where the doors were left unlocked. Lt. Kenn Singleton of the Albany Police said "They are walking by, seeing something they want. They open the car door and snatch whatever it is, and then walk away. "  

 Police say the car breakins are happening all across the city, but the majority are in parking lots at apartment complexes or shopping centers.

Police say you will reduce your chance of becoming a victim if you lock your car doors, and hide your valuables out of sight or in the trunk.

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