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Nighttime brings little light into crash scene investigation

June 1, 2006 

Doerun -- Crash scene investigators planned to work through the night.

They'll meticulously go piece-by-piece through the wreckage to figure out what caused the crash.

WALB-TV crews were at the perimeter of the site throughout the day and by nightfall, reporters were still never able to get within eyesight of the wreckage.

But we were able to talk to one woman tonight who was one of the first on the scene. She saw first hand what many haven't been able to.

It's been what Angela Tyner calls a long, sad day.

"That's something you don't walk up on everyday," she said.

It was a day that began where she is sitting right now. Simply tending to new puppies in her backyard before 8 this morning. But something didn't sound quite right up above. "Well I remember hearing the helicopter and looking for it, which I really couldn't see, for it was really cloudy out here then and hard to see," Tyner said.

Angela can normally see the two television towers from her home along Highway 270. But, that wasn't the case this morning.

"And then I saw the explosion and the metal flying. When it exploded it sounded like thunder."

A sound that made her quickly run inside... call 9-1-1... grab keys to her husband's pickup and go searching.

"Well, when I pulled up I seen the front part of a helicopter up against the fence and one survivor. He was walking right along the fence line."

She couldn't believe her eyes. But was able to help the copilot to the back of the truck where he laid down to rest.

"You could tell he was still shocked and he still couldn't believe what had happened. And I guess that would be with anybody," she said.

Angela then went searching for any other survivors from the crash, but what she found was something that will stick with her forever.

"It was an experience. And I tell everyone to be praying for their families."

She now feels a sad closeness to the five soldiers.

" ... Have been all day long."

And after a long hard day, she's thankful for the chance to have helped one soldier but still prays for the four who didn't make it.

"I feel grateful that I'd be able to help. Wasn't able to help much. But I guess any little bit helps."


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