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Red Cross warns get prepared

June 1, 2006

Albany -- As hurricane season begins, a recent poll by the American Red Cross shows most of us aren't prepared. Many people don't take even basic steps to get ready for an emergency.

Lew Culpepper and his family prove what the American Red Cross found in the recent hurricane preparedness poll.

"Unfortunately we're not very prepared other than what we got in the cabinet," said Lew Culpepper.

But it's still the start of the season and Culpepper will take some time next week to get his disaster kit ready. Disaster preparedness experts say that's a great idea, and others should do the same.

"We're not asking you to run in circles and scream and shout, but we are asking be prepared in case something happens. Know how you're going to evacuate your community if neccessary and be prepared," said Albany-Dougherty EMA deputy director Jim Vaught.

At the Albany Red Cross Chapter, prepping for disaster relief this hurricane season is in full swing. It's recovered from last year's disasters, but it's going to take donations and volunteers to get through another season.

"Certainly you want to prepared for disaster, but there's not ever going to be a time when we say yea we're 100 percent prepared for any disaster that strikes," said American Red Cross executive director Hilton Longshore.

When it does strike, Lew Culpepper is sure to know. He'll stay updated on severe weather this hurricane season and be prepared for his own safety and that of his family.

"Probably in the next week or so we'll have some water on hand, enough food in the cabinet to last probably about a week," said Culpepper.

He may not be in control of the weather, but he will be ready when bad weather strikes.

The poll found many Americans say they're too busy to get a disaster kit together. People in the south are more likely to have a kit ready.

Disaster preparedness experts from the American Red Cross have three easy steps everyone can take to prepare for this hurricane season.

First,  be aware of potential disasters that can disrupt your community. Have a plan for how to handle such events. And have a disaster supply kit ready to carry out these plans. You can visit Albany-Dougherty's E-M-A  website for a hurricane checklist.


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