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WALB-TV's early days are recalled in a new book

May 31, 2006

Staff Report

Albany -- For just more than half a century, WALB-TV has been a vital link for South Georgians to the events that impact their lives.

Now a book marking those first 50 years promises to link readers to the region's past.

"Flashback: The First 50 Years of WALB-TV" is like a photo album with about 15,000 words of copy, according to author Ed Lightsey.

A former employee of the station, Lightsey sought out other employees from the station's five decades to give the book an interesting perspective.

Lightsey says he hopes to give readers an inside look at our station that the viewing public is rarely able to get.

"The early days of television at WALB were hilarious. The technology often failed. In the early days they said ... the locals ... their programming was interrupted so much by technical failures they said WALB stood for wait a little bit," Lightsey said.

Lightsey assures readers that they'll find out more about the faces they've grown familiar with over the decades, such as Captain Mercury.

The book sells for $25 dollars. You can call the station at (229) 446-1010 to see about getting your own copy.

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