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Schools want crossing guard money

Schools want crossing guard money

May 31, 2006

Albany -- Right now, there's no money in the school system's budget for crossing guards next year. It would be the first time in more than 30 years crossing guards wouldn't be at intersections to help kids safely get to and from school.

Albany Police used to pay the 57 school crossing guards. When the school system formed its own police department last year, APD notified the board this would be the last year it would provide the guards.

School Board Chairman Willie Weaver says the city and county should help pay the $220,000 annual bill, but both city and county commissioners have tentatively decided not to hand over any money.

"It's our mandate by law to transport kids safely to school and once they are in school, to protect them while they are in school. It's not our responsiblity by law to get the kids across the streets," Weaver said. "If they're on our bus, we're responsible. If they're walking, we're not until the get onto our campus."

Weaver says he has another meeting with the city manger June 13th to ask again for help paying the crossing guards.


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