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Drivers see some relief at pump

May 29, 2006

Albany--Gas prices remain high, but drivers are getting a temporary break at the pump.

According to AAA, the nationwide average price of regular gasoline fell about 1.45 cents in the past two weeks.

The ever changing price of gas hasn't hurt many drivers summer vacation plans.

Several drivers we spoke to say they've just accepted the fact that gas probably won't dip below two dollars any time soon.

"I think they've gotten used to us paying that. It's going to stay the same," says Earnest Brown, Jr.

"I've done got accustomed to it. Like I said, I don't think it's going to go down, if anything, it's going up again," says Patricia Williams.

The average price of gasoline in Georgia is $2.71. In Albany, we found gas as low as $2.55.  


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