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Chambliss: No time-table on troops returning

May 28, 2006

Albany - - Iraqi leaders say their forces will be able to secure its borders within 18 months, but does that mean it's time to send our troops home?

U.S. senator Saxby Chambliss says that would be ideal, but it's not realistic. Chambliss says you can't put a time-table on when U.S. troops should come home.

He says making sure Iraq is 100 % able to protest itself on its own is the main goal.

"When that military force is capable of protecting the Iraqi people from outside insurgents and when the police force can protect the people in Iraq from a domestic standpoint, then we're going to bring all our troops home," he says.

Senator Chambliss says he's been to Iraq four times now and has seen improvement in the country.

He says the Iraqi military is making positive steps as well as the Iraqi police.