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DNR steps up water patrolling

May 27, 2006

Albany -- Law enforcement officers are stepping up patrols on Georgia Highways for the holiday weekend. But the roadways aren't the only place officers are trying to keep safe. DNR is patrolling for boating and water safety. 

The most serious of problems DNR officers run into on the lake involve BUI or boating under the influence.

"There's absolutely zero tolerance. We don't put up with it, we don't think anyone else should either," said Tommy Lawrence.

Corporal Tommy Lawrence may not have the most popular party boat on the lake, but he's working to make sure these waters are safe.

"See if there's something that's not right, overloading, registration problems, right there there's a violation of a no wake zone right there in front of us," said Lawrence.

You may be pulled if you're breaking the law. Citations can cost you more than one-hundred dollars for just a small offense, such as young children not having proper safety gear.

"It's a state law if you're ten years old you have to be wearing a PFD if the boat's in motion," said Lawrence.

Three DNR patrollers may be cruising Lake Blackshear at any given time. These officers will be in motion if they catch you breaking the law.

"Our main objective is to keep everybody safe. It's not to get out here and write tickets, it's not to get out here and see how many tickets we can write, it's public safety and that's what we're out here to do," said Lawrence.

The DNR enforcement officers will work to make sure this Memorial weekend holiday is a safe one. 

DNR is also taking part of the "100 days of heat" campaign which starts this weekend. Patrollers from different law enforcement across the state will be covering our streets and writing tickets to those who break traffic laws. It will run from Memorial weekend to Labor day weekend because it is the heaviest traveled time of year.

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