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Law enforcement steps up holiday patrol

May 26, 2006

Camilla --   

It's time for one of the busiest and most dangerous travel periods of the year. Triple-A estimates 37.6-million Americans will drive at least 50-miles from home this weekend.

State troopers and local law enforcers are saturating the streets with patrols.  The whole idea is to keep the number of fatalities on our highways to a minimum.  

If you think you can get away with impaired or unsafe driving this weekend, this might change your mind. This video shows numerous law enforcement agencies from across southwest Georgia teaming up to patrol our highways.

These officers will be making sure you obey traffic laws.  

The message from the Georgia State Patrol this weekened, is that troopers will be watching.

"Last memorial day holiday weekend there were 32 lives lost in the state of Georgia on the highways so we're really going to make sure that doesn't happen this weekend with a full fledged enforcement," said GSP Sgt. Jamie Sullivan.

Trooper Jamie Sullivan wants to keep our roads safe. So he'll watch out for those breaking the law.

"We're looking for speeders and when we stop speeders, we find other things, we'll find suspended driver's license, we'll find impaired drivers," said Sullivan.

The GSP isn't the only agency working to catch these dangerous drivers. Law enforcement from across southwest Georgia are working together, strategizing how the streets will be patrolled.   The officers will be cruising, watching and listening for those breaking the rules.

"A lot of times when you find someone with a noise violation they may be partying, and with that they may have alcohol and we stop them and check out everything," said Sullivan.

If you're driving the speed limit and your music's not too loud, might as well buckle up too, and avoid chances of a citation.

"We put everybody out on highway patrol," said Sullivan.

The GSP reminds drivers to beware, patrollers may around every corner.

The state estimates 18 people will be killed on Georgia roads from Friday night through Monday night.  

Agencies from 16 counties make up the Southwestern Georgia Traffic Enforcement Network. They'll work together on "100 Days of Summer Heat"... a campaign that runs from Memorial day to Labor day. The team worked on checkpoints in Mitchell County Friday night.


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