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Theme park is ready for the holiday

 May 25, 2006
by Alicia Eakin

Valdosta --Memorial Day weekend is the traditional kickoff of summer vacations. Wild Adventures theme park is taking advantage of the urge for fun with a big party.

It's all wrapped around the birthday theme. 

 In 1991, businessman Kent Buscher purchased 100 acres of land just outside of Valdosta. He could only dream he would later be the owner of Wild Adventures, a big and successful theme park.

"I'm a dreamer, that's what I am. To go out in the middle of the tobacco patch and dream of wild adventures and see it today. It's pretty awesome," he said.

Now he's celebrating the parks 10th anniversary, and Mayor John Fretti was on hand to help kick off the celebration but the guests of honor were the ten cakes that adorned the entrance to Bugsville.

It took over 100 pounds of sugar, several chefs, and many hours to make the ten cakes. They represent a token of thanks to everyone who worked and contributed to the park's success. "I've got a great crew of folks, many of which have been here since our very first day and that's exciting to know that people will share and work through your vision," Buscher said.

The celebration will continue throughout the weekend with a concert by Travis Tritt on Sunday and appearances by NASCAR driver Matt Kenseth.


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