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Georgia lawmaker is eligible to run

May 25, 2006

Albany -- A south Georgia lawmaker wins a residency challenge filed by her opponent.  

An administrative law judge ruled District 151 Representative Freddie Powell Sims does live in Dougherty County and is legally qualified to run for re-election.

Challenger Lawrence Roberts claimed Sims really lives in Terrell County. He filed the same complaint two years ago and lost.

The judge ruled Roberts had no new evidence to show Sims doesn't live in the district.

"So if her residence was the same in 2004 and it's the same now, and he had absolutely nothing to prove anything different, one can only wonder why he went to the trouble of doing this," said Al Corriere Sims' attorney.  

Sims defeated Roberts, the longtime incumbant, in 2004. They'll meet again in the July 18th Democratic Primary.


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