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Coalition continues fighting high health care costs

May 25, 2006

Albany - A coalition of businesses, including Albany's major industries, continues to fight for lower health care costs in southwest Georgia.

The Coalition for Affordable and Competitive Health Care, or CACH, meet at Procter and Gamble Thursday afternoon.

Albany's big three manufacturers, Cooper Tire, P&G and Miller, say their employee health care costs are much higher than any of their other plants.

In fact, they pay about $1,400 more a year per employee for health care than at other sites.

Thursday, they invited other area businesses, both small and large, to join CACH.

Leaders say it will take businesses coming together to encourage more competition among health care providers and insurance companies to lower costs.

The big three found they are paying out less than the national average to primary care doctors, but way more for in and out-patient services, like M-R-I's, and for hospital visits.



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