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Lee County commissioners to consider impact fees

May 24, 2006 

Lee County-- After months of research and public hearings, Lee County is one step closer to imposing impact fees for new developments in the county.

Wednesday night, the Impact Fee Advisory Board voted to recommend that county commissioners institute impact fees. If passed, developers would have to pay a one-time fee of $2,200 for building a new house or business, a cost that could be passed on to the buyer.

Board members say the impact fees are necessary and serve as a way for growth to pay for growth.

"When you take a house and you build a house, it can be up to a year and a half before it's actually on the tax roll because of the way the system is. This way, we're getting a little of the money up front to help cover the cost for new construction," says Board Chairman Eddie Hinmon.

There will be a final hearing and second reading of the impact fee ordinance on June 6th followed by a vote by commissioners. If they approve the fees, they'll be implemented on June 21st.

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