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Changes coming for Lanier Co. schools?

May 24, 2006
by Alicia Eakin

 Lakeland -- There may be a shakeup in the Lanier County School system. People in the community say the superintendent has been asked to resign.

The high school principal and assistant principal are leaving, and parents and students are wondering what effect it will have on them.

Deborah Clark says students will miss principal Steven Hankla and Assistant Principal Todd Kayson "They were both doing a really good job," she said.

Both men have left, we're told, because of a dispute with superintendent Eloise Sorrell.

Parents are worried it will hurt their children's education. "I know of one parent who told me her child would be going to another school system. they are actively looking for another house in another county," said Clark.

Jerome Tucker, the director of the chamber of commerce, is worried the community will suffer, too. "I could see the impact it would have on that which I was brought over here to do and that was to developer and grow the economic factors-- public school systems."

Board of Education Chairman Phillip Connell was not available to comment on camera, but he did say he hoped issues would be cleared up by next week.


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