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Flint Riverquarium Director resigns

May 23, 2006

Albany - The Director of the Flint Riverquarium is leaving. Doug Noble is resigning to join the staff of the University of Florida's Museum of Natural History. He will be the head of Exhibits, Public Programs and Outreach.

Noble has served as the director of the Flint Riverquarium since it opened in 2004. Noble says he was not being pressure to leave and wasn't looking for other jobs, but a close friend at the natural history museum called him in December with the offer to interview for the job.

"I care very much about the staff, and I care about the Riverquarium very deeply. I feel like it's my baby that I help give birth to," said Noble.  

Noble's last day is August 1st. He say he's been working with the Flint Riverquarium Board of Directors to find his replacement.

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