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Get Hurricane Ready!

Albany-- Are you prepared for hurricane season?     

If you're looking for advice on how to be prepared for the worst, you need only ask Paul Spratlin.  He knows hurricane preparation like he knows the aisles of his store.  He also knows people.

"People are really not prepared. They wait," says Spratlin. That's why we went straight to Home Depot's hurricane expert and asked him to take us shopping for safety.

"You never know what to expect with a hurricane," says Spratlin. With pen in ear and glasses ready, he looks at his list to see the most important things that every family should have in the event of a hurricane or tornado. "We'll go down here and find some water," says Spratlin.

Every disaster kit should have at least three gallons of water per person.  Also essential is lighting. "Flashlights, we need them for every member of the family.  A lantern is always good to have," says Spratlin. And good to have with that lighting are the things that give them power, batteries.  Get extra.

"We'll get a variety pack here. That should cover most everything we need," said Spratlin as he put several batteries in a cart.

But that isn't everything you need.  Very important is a first aid kit in the case of a medical emergency. "A good first aid kit will have your bandaging, tape, your gauze, bandaids, tweezers," says Spratlin.

Paul also picks up a chainsaw to clean up trees and limbs after the storm then heads to the register.  The cart gets emptied so we now have a few bag fulls of things we need. "Now let's have a total," says Spratlin. 

"That'll be $285.05."

Paul says the price is worth its weight in value. "In the long run, yessir, It's well worth it," says Spratlin. He says it's well worth it to get prepared just in case and he's willing to show the way.  

You should also have non-perishable food and a can opener in your disaster kit. A battery powered radio is also important. Paul also recommends getting lumber just in case you may need to board up windows around your  home.

This Saturday, Home Depot will have a special class to teach you how to prepare for hurricane season.

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