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Click it or Ticket campaign launched

 May 22, 2006

Albany -- More deaths occurred last Memorial Day weekend on Georgia roads than any other Memorial Day on record. Thirty-five people died in crashes, and law enforcers don't want to see a repeat.

Click it or Ticket is being launched to keep aggressive drivers off the roads, and should help keep you safe. 

Even before the lunch rush hour, Corporal Paul Guhl, an Albany HEAT officer, wrote five tickets to drivers who refused to buckle up. "We're looking to increase our seatbelt usage across the state and locally," Guhl said.

A two week click it or ticket campaign is underway nationwide...the beginning of 100 days of summer HEAT. "Large majority of the serious injuries and fatalities are due to the occupants not being properly restrained."

Those least likely to click it? 16-25 year olds, and they're also the most likely to die in a traffic accident.

"It's sad, really. I mean, it doesn't take but a few seconds to buckle up and get strapped in and be on your way. Once you're in a wreck there's no time to go back and buckle up." And there's no excuse that's good enough.

Why? Because unless you drive a pickup truck, you're legally required to wear a seat belt.

"I've heard all kind of excuses; 'I've just pulled off from the store. I'm just going to my neighbors house. I don't like it.'"

But neither does Corporal Guhl, especially when he responds to a scene where someone is dead because they didn't buckle up. "There's no excuse whatsoever." If you're not obeying the law, watch out, you never know where he's going to be. "

This morning we're pretty much on the East side of town. This afternoon, not sure where we're going to go just yet. Don't want to ruin the surprise." A surprise that may cost you a few bucks, but better money than your life.

In addition to looking out for seat belt violators, police will be watching for speeders, aggressive and impaired drivers.


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