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Program could save Dougherty County money and lives

May 22, 2006

Albany - A cardiovascular program implemented by Dougherty County could save employees and the county big bucks.

Over three weeks, health screenings were done on County employees. Of those screened, 24 people were taken directly to a physician for immediate treatment for problems they were not aware of like diabetes, or high cholesterol.

Now, those people have been enrolled in programs to improve their overall health. Hopefully, that will reduce insurance claims.  Commission Chairman Jeff Bodine Sinyard says, "Going to reduce health costs, but keep some of our folks in good health and help them have a better quality of life and a good, long life."

For the first time in several years, insurance premiums will not increase for current employees. There may be an increase for retirees, though the amount has not been finalized.


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