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STAR student graduates with honors

May 20, 2006

Albany - - A Westover High School student graduated in the top of her class. In fact, she's one of the top students in the region!

The awards on the living room wall reflect an 18 year old whose achieved much.

 "It's sorta of expected in my family. Everybody expects you to do your best as much as you can do," says STAR student Tamesha Derico.

Her high school grade point average is a 4.46. Her SAT Score is 2360 out of 2400. We spent some time with the STAR student as she prepared for graduation interacting with family and trying on her graduation robe.

"I can't believe it, I'm excited."

And so is her family. We caught them as they headed to the Civic Center to watch Tamesha. Her name was called several times, not just for involvement in school, she also gave the Valedictorian's address.

"It was a lot of hard work but it was fun too and I really enjoyed it. Not only the awards but the people I've met and the things I have learned, it's been a nice experience getting to travel a lot of places."

After being accepted into Harvard, Yale, Duke and a number of other schools, Derico chose Vanderbilt where she won a full scholarship.

Tamesha plans to major in Political Science at Vanderbilt. She says she wants to return to Albany after college and become Governor of Georgia.


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