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YMCA pool opens for summer

May 20, 2006

Albany -- It was a hot day to kick off summer vacation for many children who finished school recently. Albany's YMCA had a way to help everyone cool off, with the grand opening of their outdoor pool at the Gillionville Road sports park.  

Aquatics directors at the YMCA say safety always comes first. That means up to four lifeguards present at any given time.  One lifegaurd will use the skills protecting people at the pool to one day, help protect our country.

Twenty-year-old Michael Erickson is always near the water.

 "From when I was born to now it's been a part of my life, a big part of my life," said YMCA lifeguard Michael Erickson.

So at the thought of becoming a lifeguard, he jumped right in.

Erickson works at the YMCA pool trying to prevent any accidents. It's the very same skills he learns as a lifeguard that will help him in his future career.

"At the end of the summer I'm joining the coast guard, and it's just the things you learn here, with first aid and CPR and just being aware it will carry me so far when I join," said Erickson.

Because Erickson is so dedicated in protecting others, these young swimmers can feel safer enjoying their afternoon making a big splash and making some new friends.

"We are just throwing the football with my brother, my friend over there. I just met him today, so we're great friends," said Conner Collins.

"Today is like the most funnest day I've ever had. This is my first time being at the YMCA swimming," said Mack Phillips.

And while the triple threat makes a big splash, Michael Erickson keeps a watchful eye over things.

"Being their eyes when they're just having fun. That's why we're here, keeping everybody safe," said Erickson.

Erickson will have the same words in mind when he goes to guard our country's coasts. 

 YMCA's outdoor pool is open to the public seven days a week this summer for people who wish to buy memberships.

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