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Da Vinci Code film opens today

May 19, 2006

Albany -- It's one of the most anticipated films in years. The Da Vinci Code, Dan Brown's novel, has offended many people. Some religious groups across the country have even boycotted the movie's premiere, calling it blasphemous.

Now when it comes to whether south Georgians will see the movie, the answer is split all across the board.

"Witness the biggest cover up in human history." This "cover-up" the Da Vinci Code mentions, is creating mixed feelings among south Georgians as the movie makes its big debut.

"I'm not going to see it because I just don't feel that Jesus would do that sort of stuff," says Wesley Beachum.

"I want to see it," Talia Thomas said. "Just because it's a movie to go see. But I don't think the meaning of it is true. The Bible doesn't say he was married to a prostitute."

So what's the fuss over a movie and book that's fiction? The author mentions in the beginning of the book that all descriptions of documents are accurate, including the author's mention of the Dead Sea Scrolls, which some say suggest Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene.

"The word that is even used there is not talking about her being a spouse, it just means a companion, so he so twists it in order to prove his theory," said Pastor Stephen Kendrick.

Associate pastor Stephen Kendrick of Sherwood Baptist has no plans to see the movie, and claims author Dan Brown has his facts all wrong. "I'm not very excited about a movie that's going to communicate a lot of things we know to be unfounded, and lies."

However, not everyone believes the Da Vinci Code is based entirely on fiction. "I do believe the claims that he made in his book," said Whitley Smith. Smith read the book and can't wait to watch the movie.

But while her views on Christ have changed, she still believes in the Bible. "I don't think the Bible is a lie at all. I think the Bible is actually true facts, buts just like a cover up, just some things got left out just for the better of the faith."

Whether you agree with the views depicted in the movie or not, many south Georgians are looking to be entertained. At the Wynnsong Cinema Theater, the movie is showing at twelve different times.

Some movie critics having already given this movie bad reviews, but of course, only time will tell if the controversy surrounding the movie is enough to score big at the box office.

The book, The Da Vinci Code, has sold well over 60 million copies. The last movie to raise eyebrows over its religious content was The Passion of the Christ in 2004.

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