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Lights, camera, action in Leesburg

May 18, 2006

Leesburg-- Moviemakers have scoped out Leesburg for an unusual film.

First Cinema LLC chose Leesburg as the setting of a new horror film tentatively called "Lynch Mob." Here's the plot. The people of Leesburg are condemned to a century old curse that causes them to be human flesh eaters.

Residents can't leave but must lure travelers there to feast. Some real-life Leesburgers are grateful that a movie could put them on the map but question if it's the right kind of exposure.

"I don't think Leesburg is the appropriate place to film that because Leesburg is not that way," says Leesburg resident Patricia Cannon, "if it isn't positive, I would hope that they would stay away from Leesburg."

The movie is in pre-production in Atlanta and will star Tony Darrow from HBO's The Sopranos.

First Cinema tells WALB they plan to film portions of the movie in Leesburg. But don't expect to see it on the big screen. It'll either be a television or straight to DVD movie.



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