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City tackles safety concerns

May 18, 2006

Albany --  Albany City leaders say we all need to work together to make our streets safer. Some people in Albany are concerned about and how city leaders are stepping up to hear the issues.

A fun afternoon at Riverfront park could potentially be dangerous as traffic flies by.

"I'm just so afraid that somebody's going to get hit or ran over," said Taiwana Jenkins.

Heather Rhodes catches several drivers breaking traffic laws and not paying attention as she walks through her neighborhood.

"He swerved a little too far right and I had to jump up on the curb right here behind me where you're looking at and of course I had to stop and catch my breath," said Heather Rhodes.

Traffic safety is a huge concern for citizens we spoke to so we came to the public safety forum to find out what the city is doing to address the issue.

"What we do is identify those areas that have high areas of complaints with regard to those particular issues. We also target the high accident intersections," said Police Chief James Younger.

Citizens of all walks of life came to hear city officials address the public's safety concerns at a meeting called by the Mayor. Issues included sexual predators, solving homicides, and procedures for reporting crimes to law enforcement.

"We try to execute things that we certainly know that the public needs and wants. Public safety is at the top of our list as a city," said Mayor Willie Adams.

Tackling traffic problems is something citizens like Bill Wright take comfort in knowing as he rides his bike around town.

"Public awareness, just hearing and seeing. That's all it takes just a little knowlege," said cycler Bill Wright.

The city says it's working to address these public safety issues, to keep everyone safer on Albany's streets.

The meeting gave people a chance to meet local law enforcement face to face and give suggestions to those officials.



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