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Getting Spillers jury, difficult?

May 18, 2006

Leesburg- There was some question as late as Monday as to whether an impartial jury could be found in Lee County, and lawyers say it wasn't easy.

Before trial, the defense asked for a change of venue because the case got so much publicity in the area. The judge denied the motion, but he called in a larger than normal jury pool and reserved the right to pick a jury from another county.

A jury was seated in about nine hours on Monday, but the defense claims many of the 130 potential jurors were quickly excused.

"It was approximately 28 percent of the people, either felt like themselves or the judge made the ruling without our having to use a strike or the prosecution having to use a strike, that they in fact could not judge this case," said Patrick Eidson, Defense Attorney.

The defense only used four strikes and the prosecution used five before the jury of six men and six women was seated.



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