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Friends react to Spillers verdict

May 18, 2006

Leesburg-- Thursday's verdict came as a shocking blow to family and friends of Wesley Beaver. They say justice was not served.

Members of the community have been split over the Spillers trial and jurors took nearly four hours to come to a decision Thursday. Friends of the Beaver family aren't happy with what they decided.

The parents of Wesley Beaver held on to each other tightly Thursday as the verdict was read. That verdict brought tears in the courtroom from both family and friends. The most visibly upset was Beaver's mother as she left the courthouse.

"I think they made the wrong decision. He got away with murder," says Sabin Russell.

Friends say the punishment just doesn't fit the crime. "Man, prison wouldn't have been enough for him," says Russell. Sabin Russell knew Wesley for several years. He says they went through many things together.

"He was my best friend, six years man," says Russell. He says six years of friendship versus five years probation just doesn't add up.

"The family suffers. He gets to walk free," says Sabin.

"I think the judge and the jury did a good job in a bad situation," says Spillers family friend Ellen Baker.

Baker feels both families have suffered over the past year and throughout the trial.

"This sounds trite but you don't go into a skunk fight with anybody coming out smelling good and this is a bad situation and a lot of people have pain," says Baker. It's a painful situation that can't bring back a son and a best friend.

"Words can't even describe how much I miss him. You know you just wake up everyday and have that pain in your heart, that missing piece," says Russell.

A piece missing since that fateful February night.

Friends say Beaver would have been eighteen this year.  His birthday was January 10th.



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