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Albany Woman's Club recognizes member

May 18, 2006

Albany - - The Albany Woman's Club has served our community since 1911. Today, the civic organization honored one of it's own for taking her level of service above and beyond the expectations of the group.

Arts, conservation, health, international affairs.... Just a few issues these women are passionate about. Today, they're passionate about one of their own.

 "It's based on her work during the 2 years that she's been in the club. She has to excel in club work, and it's voted on by the membership of the club," says Outgoing President Ellen Dixon.

The group is honoring what they call the "Club Woman" - it's kind of like the "Woman of the Year."

"I think being club woman is a top honor, because we are a civic organization serving our community and that's what its all about," Dixon says.

We interviewed Dixon just before the group announced the winner. Once they did, cheers followed the annoucement of a familiar name - - "Ellen Dixon".

We didn't know and neither did she. She was moved to tears as her husband surprised her with flowers and her daughter with a hug.

"It was very hard for me not to let her know, because we never did anything without telling the other person so it was very hard for me to keep it secret from her," says Irene Hatcher of the Albany Woman's Club.

It's no secret now. According to the majority here, Dixon woman is most deserving. '

"She's worked with hospice, she's worked with alzheimers, she's done so many wonderful things that she's just an overall fine person," Hatcher says.

Today the group also awarded scholarships to area high school students. Jessica Cates of Westover High school won $800.00 and Cassie Syfrett won $600.00.


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