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The state rests in Spillers case

May 17, 2006

Leesburg -- The prosecution rested its case about 5:30 Wednesday afternoon. A 90-minute audio tape was played in the courtroom.

About an hour into his interview with Donnie Spillers, GCI Special Agent Donnie Davis is pulled from the room, to hear that Deputy Sandra Pressley has confessed that Deputy Donnie Spillers had asked her to plant a throw away gun in Wesley Beaver's truck.

It wasn't until after GBI Special Agent Davis called Donnie Spillers a liar to his face that he started to talk. Davis is heard to say on the tape: "I want to hear the truth, and if I don't hear the truth, I'm fixing to shut this down, I'm fixing to call the sheriff, and your fixing to get in some serious hot water, young man."

Spillers then confessed to agent Davis about asking for a second gun.

Spillers on the AudioTape: "I said 'Sandra, do you have a gun?' She said, 'I don't know...' I said 'Please help me.' She said 'I've got this one right here, and pointed to her holster. "

Davis encouraged him to continue. "I'm bound and determined to get the truth, now Donnie, I'm listening to you."

Spillers: "This part I'm not lying about. I thought I saw a seat belt, and what my intentions were, leaving that knife in there, might have been bad the time I put it in there."

Davis prompts Spillers further on those intentions. "Your intentions were good when you put the knife where we found it?"

Spillers: "No sir, I can't promise you they were."

And Spillers eventually admits. "I guess to make it look like he had a weapon."

Spillers agrees with Davis when he admits that he messed up when he tried to cover up for the fact that Wesley Beaver had no weapon, but also questions whether he should have ever fired at all. "Now was my reaction right or wrong, I still can't tell you that to this day. I fired. Now was I supposed to fire or not...? "

The tape was initiated because of discrepancies between statements that Spillers had given to the GBI. The defense begins their case Thursday morning.

Jurors also heard expert testimony concerning 17-year-old Wesley Beaver's death. A firearms expert, a toxicologist, a forensic expert, and a state medical examiner took the stand. Several testified that tests for alcohol and six other drugs all came back negative. The state medical examiner testified that the gunshot caused Beaver's death.


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